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Tyra Nicole, impacting lives and serving children of Bluefields.

One of her dreams is to serve vulnerable people, especially children, disabled and others in difficult situations. As we highlight, Tyra Nicole Omier Downs, graduated in December 2013, from the University of the Ozarks with a double degree in Psychology and Strategic Communication.
Tyra, in One Young World

In 2022, Tyra, was named Peace Ambassador by the European Commission and by the way she was part of the One Young World, in Manchester, their she represented Nicaragua, as one of a kind unique young leaders, that was the first time our country had a representative in the event. At that time Tyra met Ilia Calderón, a renowned journalist and television anchor, they talk about common themes.

Tyra, impacting children lives

In middle of the conversation, Tyra, mention about her “Christmas Box Project”. Ilia, was able to give her support as such as many other people. And so in December 2022, Tyra, was able to give over 900 Christmas boxes, to children in her home town Bluefields, and even of little ones around communities that was affected by hurricane Julia, the 9th of October.

From she was studying in the colegio Moravo in Bluefields, in the 2007, she had been touch and inspired by children in needs, and now as she go true her lifestyle, she had made the difference, that’s why she consider herself a young leaders and we prove it.

Christmas Box Project By Tyra Nicole

Since 2019, she gives “Christmas Boxes”, in return she receive the happiness and joy of the kids all around, and that’s what motivate Tyra, to continue strong with this project that she consider so special as she push along with families, friends and doners to aims during the hole year.

Tyra, are more passionate about helping and that´s why the leadership in her already start moving towards the 2023 “Christmas Box Project”.

Tyra on the project
Reching Brown Bank
Tasba Pounie, Tyra serving