Creole Election
Bluefields Creole

Creoles of Bluefields had communal elections.

The creole community of Bluefields was call to vote for a new communal board, that will lead the creole people for four years, into a community that are looking for progress and to fulfill their communal needs.

In this election the creole citizens of Bluefields had four different option to choose; Creole Dream Team (Box A), Bluefields Afro-Descentant United (Box B), Afro-Descentant For Ever (Box C) and Black Empowerement (Box D).

Communal Creole Election

During the electoral process they had mention that some irregularities went on, Randolph Brown said, “as representative of the Regional Council as observers of this process we saw some irregularities, they were spanish and miskito people voting and also we saw a candidate campaigning. We will inform and that will be decide in a commission”.

As a first result the box C, leaded by the coordination of Carrol McCfield, obtain the majority of votes, that was not accepted by some of the representative of the parties that was participating in this process.

Election in Bluefields

Results of the final count.

Total  1,529 votos.

Box A: 354 votos.

Box B: 452 votos.

Box C: 479 votos.

Box D: 206 votos.

Annulled votes 41.

Video of the communal election in Bluefields.