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Moravians keeps strengthen the identity and history of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.

This 14th of March 2022 marks 173 years of the arrival of the Moravian Mission in Nicaragua, a historical moment that marks on icon of the country. Mayvis Lorean Hebbert Watson, is one of the eldes members of the Moravian congregation, she has 95 years of life and always active in the church, “I’m so proud to be a Moravian, if you look in Psalms 93 it says “it is so good to live together in love and unity, and that what the Moravian call for, once we are in love, peace and unity, you are with Christ, and Jesus dwell in you, that what we should hold on to” explain Mayvis.

Mayvis Lorean Hebbert Watson, 95 years. Foto NB

In the city of Bluefields during the celebration there was a holy communion, children and young people activities, church and other gathering where participant sings along, hear the word of God, share together as they remember they ancestors.

Despite of the ups and downs, the Moravian congregation keep strengthening their identity as they work spreading the word of God, also promoting education, health, social works and other projects of interest, that has benefit the Caribbean Coast communities.

Sharing a written by Byron Hodgson Perry (RIP).

Byron Hodgson and Elizabeth Nelson (both RIP) Foto of the galery

On March 11th The Bride set sail from Kingston Jamaica to Bluefields, she came through slashing seas, by tropical winds across the Caribbean she made her way.

Three days she battered on the high seas, bringing Moravians to our land, with axe in one hand the Bible in the other, with good news of salvation for everyone.

Pfeiffer and Lundberg were not men of the sea, just a preacher and a teacher, as you will see, with good news of salvation to set men free.

“Behold the Throne of Grace ” they sang to the natives of our land. Messages of love and peace they brought, Messages of ONE, our redemption had bought.

Christ and him crucified they preach, Education they brought within our reach, civilization for everyone, the fear of God and the love of fellow men.

Today we celebrate once more the heroic actions of these men of old, hoping there isn’t but one to whom their message was not told.

The years have passed the season changed, their message remains the same, “OUR LAMB HAS CONQUERED LET US FOLLOW HIM”.

Byron Hodgson Perry (RIP).

A strong member of the Moravian church and director for many years of the secondary Moravian school in Bluefields.

Moravian church in Bluefields. Foto NB
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