Regime dismisses Iván Acosta

For alleged acts of corruption

Iván Acosta Montalván, native of Bluefields, has fallen from grace reported this tuesday the digital newspaper “Confidencial”

“Agents of the National Police raided Acosta’s office on Tuesday, June 18, and later his home, located in a residential neighborhood in Veracruz, Managua where only his relatives were,” say three sources quoted by Confidencial.

The now former minister of Bluefields was not at his residence when the police operation took place, however, other sources indicated that Acosta was already dismissed as Minister of Finance this Tuesday, allegedly on the orders of Rosario Murillo, and is under police interrogation.

According to the newspaper La Prensa, Acosta’s fall is due to the fact that he allegedly sold public goods in good condition as scrap metal.

Acosta had been an official in the Ministry of Finance since Ortega returned to power in 2007, and was one of the most trusted officials for dictators and a member of the Caribbean Coast Development Council.

The U.S. State Department froze all property and interests in May 2020.

As in all cases of the regime, this situation is not reported in the dictatorship’s propaganda media.