Rising Stars and Jaguar champions of Bluefields Local League

Rising Stars girls won B Angels team and they are the champions of the local league, female category of the city of Bluefields.

Aleesha Gonzaléz Omier from Rising Stars, is the reigning scoring champion, Shanandra Omeir, from the same team was name the MVP of the league and Shashilee Lackwood from the B Angel team winner of most 3 points.


55-52 and 58-55 was the scores of the two games that give the victory to the Jaguar team over New York Dimons team.

The individual trophies was for Adrian Slate from the Jaguar team who won the MVP, Kinsley Polack from Old Bank team most points score and Ruel Hunter from Cotton Tree team get trophy for most 3 points score.

Many of the ones that played in these local leagues are actually outstanding players at on national and international levels, giving good results for Nicaragua.

In the early part of september 2021 this league started, was suspend for a time due true the remodelation of the multiuso gym that never finish, the league was force to end at the moravian gym on this friday 21 of january 2022