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Bryennis and Shannen ready for international basketball court

Recently we visited the Alexis Arguello Sports Center, to meet Bryennis Thomas Wilson and Shannen Peralta Brooks, while they practice basketball, train by the actual best manager of the Nicaragua selecction.

Bryennis and Shannen are 18 years old, they make a good couple playing basketball together.


Bryennis, was born in the city of Bluefields Nicaragua, she started her basketball career when she was 10 years, she played with the Moravian school and train with the Bluefields Basketball Academy, several times she represent Bluefields at a national and international level and as part of the Nicaragua selection team.

She has a tremendous physiological capacity mainly in the dribble and in different movements to shoot the ball to the basket.

Shannen, is from Pearl Lagoon, she was 7 years when she first play basquetball in her home town, wich she represent with good skills and progress.

Actually Shannen, is one of Nicaragua greates player, she have shown her best potential and being extraordinary, recently she receive awards for the athlete of 2021, as she was mention for her national and international achievements.

In the middle of this year Bryennis and Shannen will will travel to the United States to play with the basquetbal team of the Florida National University (FNU), and most important to study a profesional carrer. They got the scholarship for most outstanding players in Nicaragua.