Strengthening identity through education.

Recently we visited the Emmanuel Mongalo school in the community of Orinoco, municipality of Pearl Lagoon, this primary educational center where creole and garifuna kids assist begins the school year positively.

Margeny Morales Lopez, director of the school, explained that they expect that with the support of authorities and parents, the education of students will be more successful and essential to develop the community, “we looking forward for unity, working together so that this 2022 be prosperous so we progress as primary school, we know if we go for it our students will pass the school year”, explain Margeny.


With the health crisis due true the Covid pandemic as class reopen this school establish procedures and protocols, taking all precautions both inside and outside the classroom to prevent the spread of the sickness, the director of the school said, “we keep informing parents and students of the importance of using mask, keep physical distancing at school, practicing health and hand hygiene, cleaning classroom and the school yard and what actions to take if a student feel sick”.

One of the principal goals of this school is to contribute to promote on integral education especially where these students will explore the empowerment of learning their language, culture identity, “developing their skills and practices of the garifuna language in the classrooms while undertaking their studies so they feel more proud to be a garifuna”, said the director.